July 23, 2020

MEIS initiative on-demand webinars

Access to our recorded webinars can be found below. Click on the associated link to view:



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"Anodizing: Surface Technology Requirements for Electric Vehicles"​​​​​​

An overview of market trends for aluminum surfaces in the automotive industry.

Anti-corrosion (Zinc)

"New Ammonium Chloride & Boric Acid-Free Acid Zinc Plating Process"​​​​​​​

This presentation explores the new developments in the zinc plating system that is buffered with materials that do not have the environmental drawbacks that standard buffering systems utilize.

Decorative chromium

"Decorative Trivalent TriMac Eclipse"​​​​​​​

This webinar will discuss the features of MacDermid Enthone’s darkest trivalent chrome process, TriMac Eclipse.


"Advantages of Nickel Free Phosphates" 

Will look at the distinct advantages associated with MacDermid Enthone nickel-free phosphates and field success stories.

Metal Pre-treatment

"Sustainable pre-treatment for aluminum connectors in aerospace"

Pre-treatment of aluminum for the aerospace connector market.

Plating on Plastic

"Chrome Customer Webinar Decorative Trivalent TRILYTE Flash CL"

This webinar will provide information on the TRILYTE Flash CL bright trivalent chrome process, including operating information, performance data, and OEM approvals.

Quality - Compliance

"REACh Customer   Authorization and Substitution plan for Hexavalent Chromium"

A discussion on the REACh Authorization and Substitution plan for Hexavalent Chromium in Europe - Plating on Plastics and Copper/Nickel/Chrome (DECO/POP)  users.

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