EnPure purification unit can efficiently clean your nickel electrolytes ensuring the highest quality and longest bath life. The system utilizes multi-column, modular design allowing us to create a unique purpose built unit for your specific requirements. Units are capable of removing both organic and inorganic compounds selectively, examples include, Zinc, Iron, Chromium, Aluminum, Fluoride, and Copper. All of these contaminates effect mechanical or performance properties of the deposited metal and therefore are critical to maintaining within specific limits to provide consistent performance. 


TriPure trivalent chrome purification system removes contaminants from your plating bath to avoid longer plating cycles, higher voltages, increased plating defects, and reduced CASS performance resulting from metal build-up. This equipment operates via a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) with remote monitoring capability to automatically run with variable speed cycles to maximize the removal of contaminates. It also performs conductivity checks after regeneration to ensure proper rinsing. 


Our carbonate removal system is the most advanced alkaline plating bath purification system on the market. Blending innovation with advanced chemical engineering, it efficiently removes solids carbonates and sulfates without significant solution loss.  This ensures consistent plating quality, cost efficiency, and waste reduction.



Our Passivate purification system is a new development in controlling zinc contamination that occurs in passivation chemistry. This will yield improved consistency of the passivate film throughout the life of the bath giving more consistent NSS results. Our PassPure units have been validated in reducing the consumption of chemistry by up to 20%.

For additional information on equipment contact us, ChemtechEquipment@MacDermidEnthone.com.