The NiCycle nickel recovery unit demonstrates industry-leading innovation in waste minimization technology. Its unique design efficiently removes nickel metals from rinse waters allowing it to be used for replenishment. Units are offered in multiple sizes and are specifically matched to your rinse water consumption. Units efficiently remove the metal from the rinse water and can recover up to 95% of the nickel from the Satin, Bright Nickel and Microporous nickel rinses.




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Chemtech provides the most durable and efficient chromic acid recovery systems available globally for both your chromic acid etch and decorative chrome plating process. Chemtech can recover up to 99% of the chromic acid from chrome etch and chrome plate rinse water. 

The HexCycle unit can evaporate between 200-400 liters per hour of rinse water and return a concentration of 250 grams/ liter Chromic Acid back to your process. The unit is continuously fed with rinse water and condensed into an evaporator. The chromic acid levels are manually monitored in process tanks, allowing the concentrated recovered acids to be used for replenishment.  


The CuCycle recovery unit is the only copper recovery system available in the world. Its innovative design effectively uses microfiltration to concentrate solid chemical waste and capture 95% of copper from the plating rinses. An additional benefit by recovering the copper hydroxide as a solid, you will also prevent solution growth. 

The CuCycle recovery unit adjusts the pH of the rinse water to precipitate the copper, then the solid chemical waste is pressed and washed producing a cake that contains low amounts of sodium. This solid chemical waste can then be dissolved in a holding tank and directly added back to the plating tank. 
By removing the copper from the rinse water, copper content is dropped to less than 2ppm in the water discharge. Resulting in the minimization of waste treatment costs, as well as drastically reducing the cost of solid waste disposal. 



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PdCycle units recover palladium from accelerator rinses utilizing a simple 2 chamber ion exchange system. This resin has a greater affinity for removing palladium versus tin. The system is a simple automated tank with a pump and level controls. The system is also utilized to collect any remaining Pd from the spent chemistry during routine dumping of the operating solution.

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