World renowned filtration and control equipment for continuous Satin Nickel operation, used by some of the world's largest applicators to maintain satin finish appearance and color during high production operations.   

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The patented ZINCROLYTE  APS membrane anode system takes acid zinc-nickel finishing cost efficiency to a new savings level.  ZINCROLYTE APS increases productivity by eliminating the need for anode activation, thus reducing downtimes. It also saves zinc metal and reduces waste by keeping the electrolyte’s metal consistently within optimum operational levels. By eliminating the need to re-activate zinc anodes during production, we can also lower overall operating costs.  This equates to unrivaled cost efficiency and quality consistency in acid zinc-nickel surface finishing operations. 


The patented Electrolytic Nickel bath adjust system by Chemtech is the only nickel plating equipment in the industry designed to monitor and adjust the pH of nickel plating solutions automatically. When plating with auxiliary anodes, the pH of the bath drops dramatically. Chemtech eliminates the need to use either Nickel or Lithium carbonate to correct pH levels. This equipment increases pH electrolytically, resulting in improved process stability and more consistent quality. The unit features PLC (program logic controls) with remote connection capability.


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