M-Connect is a highly motivated and dedicated team working to create innovative solutions that will meet the needs and requirements for electrical connector applications. Our goal is to provide sustainable technologies that deliver added value to our customers and end-users, using the highest standards of integrity, teamwork and personal accountability to deliver on our commitments.


WHY M-Connect


The global Cables and Connector market is expected to grow at a rate of 11.1% to over $125 billion in the coming years. North America and the Asia-Pacific are projected to remain the largest market segments for connectors. North America is the manufacturing hub of the aerospace & defense industries while China has seen an increase in OEM assembly plant installations, increasing demand for military aircraft, upcoming indigenous commercial and regional aircraft.

The major growth factors affecting this market are the need for reliable connectivity, high performance, and improved efficiency. Cables & connectors are used for data & signal transmission and power supply for various types of electronic components in a wide range of industries. High-performance connectors are essential to the aerospace/defense, manufacturing, transportation, automotive, telecom, energy and medical markets.

Cables provide the most reliable and secure mode for transporting signals from one place to another. Telecom applications where security is a focus is the best choice for the transmission of classified information using cables. The end-users of this market need to compete in global markets and are demanding fast and reliable worldwide connectivity. Companies and carriers in every economic environment require the confidence and security delivered by fast, reliable, and secure networks.

MacDermid Enthone and the M-Connect group globally support the market with innovative technologies and process expertise. Our contacts at major OEMs, global suppliers of electronic connectors and their corresponding devices for the industry keeps us current with new technological requirements and developments.

Aerospace and Defense Connectors Market

The use of connectors in the Aerospace and Defense industries is driven by the demand for high-performance connectors which are faster, lighter and have increased power and functional efficiencies.

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Automotive Connectors Market

The global market for the automotive industry will be driven by the development of autonomous vehicles, plug-in-hybrids, electric drive trains, tech advanced interiors and convenience systems.

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Medical/Instrumentation Market

The market for medical devices and instrumentation is driven by the need for precision in equipment for surgical, therapeutic and diagnosis as well as robotics and patient monitoring

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Telecommunication Connectors Market

The global market for telecommunications is driven by the need for maintaining high-speed communication combined with miniaturization and includes equipment used across broadband networks that can manage high-density communications.

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Military Specifications

A list of specifications commonly used for electrical devices and instrumentation in the connector industry.

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Technology Overview

Proper surface conditioning is as important as the selection of the coating process itself. MacDermid Enthone continues its commitment to technology improvements in surface conditioning products and has developed a variety of surface conditioners for cleaning, activating and coating a variety of substrates.

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