Antimicrobial surface protection for your fast food facility

Protect your surfaces, business and reputation with Autotex AM

Cleaner-druable-touchscreen-Autotex-AM.jpgRevolutionize your cleaning regime with Autotex AM. The abrasion and chemical resistant textured polyester hardcoated film features built-in antimicrobial protection from Microban® to help fight stains and inhibit bacterial growth, delivering dependable and constant surface protection. 

Cleanable, durable and antimicrobial, Autotex AM helps restaurants and food facilities deliver additional cleaning protection on surfaces such as table top overlay and human-machine interface applications, protecting surfaces, businesses and reputations.

Why Autotex AM? 

Overcome cleanliness anxiety

Thorough cleaning and disinfection have never been more important in the quick service sector. Developing a robust cleaning regime is essential when building trust with diners and encouraging them into your premises. But this is labor intensive and can expose surfaces to wear and tear from aggressive cleaning chemicals and abrasion - especially in high traffic areas, which are also the most noticeable to diners.  

Autotex AM can be either adhered to a surface as an overlaminate or printed on the second surface for equipment input, graphic overlay, durable label, and cladding applications. It works constantly to keep high-touch surfaces intact and protected, ensuring graphics and branding remain bright despite increased use of cleaning agents and more frequent cleaning regimes, in addition to ensuring surfaces remain cleaner, even in-between cleans.

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How Autotex AM Works

The unique Microban® technology is integrated into the film surface during manufacture to become an integral part of the surface coating which cannot be worn away. When the film surface becomes contaminated with bacteria, Microban® technology disrupts the biological functions of the bacteria, preventing their reproduction and causing a significant reduction in population. This ensures the treated film surface is protected from stains, odours and premature degradation caused by bacterial growth for its expected lifetime.

Cleaner-durable-worksurface-Autotex-AM.jpegProtect Surfaces

Autotex AM is a reputable, tough, durable hardcoated film, uniquely designed to withstand rigorous cleaning and harsh chemicals.

With added antimicrobial product protection, Autotex AM ensures a longer life cycle for all treated surfaces, both front and back of house, even in areas of high touch traffic.


Cleaner-durable-touch-surfaces-Autotex-AM (Medium).jpgProtect Business            

Autotex AM ensures fast food areas remain cleaner between cleans and is resistant to increased cleaning regimes, helping to alleviate cleanliness anxiety and giving people the confidence they need to relax in a restaurant setting.  Its durability means all high touch areas such as tables, door push plates, HMI for industrial catering equipment to vending machines etc. remain cleaner, brighter and fresher for longer.


Cleaner-durable-display-screen-Autotex-AM.jpegProtect Your Reputation

Products containing built-in antimicrobial technology (often referred to as treated articles) are heavily regulated.  While treated article claims surrounding residual kills, or guaranteed efficacy may be attractive to facility owners, they are not always compliant and could result in substantial penalties and damage to your business reputation. 

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions and Microban International adhere to the strict biocidal regulations applicable in specific territories worldwide. This means we can work with you to explain what claims you can and cannot make about Autotex AM, so you can be as confident in your cleanliness claims as you are in the effectiveness of the Autotex AM technology. For further information, please speak to a MacDermid representative.

To enquire about purchasing opportunities for Autotex AM or to discuss possible applications for your business, get in touch and one of our specialist Autotex AM advisors will get back to you.

Your Industry Partner

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions is a global leader in film coating technology, with a rich history of providing chemical process solutions and materials that enhance the products people use every day. Our UK-manufactured industrial films and surface finish technologies are used in sectors as far ranging as medical, automotive, catering, fast food and industrial vending. Our unrivaled knowledge, together with our dedicated service ethos enables us to offer the highest quality film solutions to businesses all over the world. 

Autotex AM is also suitable for specification by printing and electronics companies involved in the manufacture of fast food equipment. 


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Microban® antimicrobial product protection is limited to the treated film itself and is not designed to protect users or others from disease-causing microorganisms. Normal cleaning and hygiene practices should be maintained. Microban International, Ltd. makes neither direct nor implied health claims for products containing Microban® technology.
Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.