Shock Absorbers

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ANKOR Hard Chrome Processes are OEM approved and meet the specification of the major Shock Absorber OEMs and Tier 1s, in this safety relevant application.

The piston or hollow rod of automotive shock absorbers is plated with an average of 15 µm to 30µm micro – cracked Hard chrome for wear- and corrosion protection in combination with their low friction requirements.

ANKOR chemical solutions meet the present and future demand of the industry for high yields, lowest cost per part, long term planning security and ELV compliance.

Product Offering for Shock Absorbers:


  • ANKOR 1127 – Robust process for conventional hoist lines
  • ANKOR 1127 Plus – For return type machines and resistant to current interruptions
  • ANKOR 1128 – For encapsulated hoist lines with conforming platinized titanium anodes
  • ANKOR 1160 – High speed plating on shock absorbers in zero discharge plating equipment
  • ANKOR Gammat – Zero discharge plating equipment with up to 300A/dm² current density with ANKOR 1160


ANKOR Features and Benefits:


  • Six Sigma Methodologies
  • Best thickness distribution for highest productivity
  • Chromium layers are bright, free of nodules and micro-porosity
  • Unrivaled application knowledge and dedicated global Hard chrome team
  • Meets OEM specification for NSS of 48 – 240h, rating 10 (DIN EN ISO 9227)
  • Meets OEM specification for micro – cracks of more than 400 cracks/cm for oil retention (VW TL 215 and PV 1058)


Zero Discharge Hard Chromium Plating

The industry is moving away from conventional “open tank plating systems” due to the increased emission regulation and higher workplace safety standards.

ANKOR GAMMAT is a zero discharge plating plant, designed to meet present and future regulations on Cr(VI). The chemistry remains in a closed pipe system and plated piston rods are suitably cleaned removing Cr(VI) residues before they are unloaded from the cell. ANKOR GAMMAT is one of the safest plating plants in the world. The system can be integrated in most industrial situations and makes plant approval much easier.

ANKOR Hard chrome process additives are designed for single component replenishment and therefore increase process capability and yields.