Distinctive Finishes. Versatility. Functionality.

MacDermid Enthone finishes enable new designs, improved reliability, functionality and enhanced appearance. The coatings create value throughout the entire supply chain by decreasing metal consumption, increasing efficiency and reducing process steps.

Distinctive fashion finishes provide versatility and style while functional coatings offer sustainability, wear resistance and corrosion protection. Additionally all year round, no matter what the climate, our coatings are protecting architectural aluminum as well as providing excellent adhesion for organic coatings. Environmentally compliant, lead-free, cobalt-free, PFOS-free and nickel-free processes are REACH compliant and offer advance quality assurance software. The coatings are engineered for beauty, cost-effectiveness and durability in a diversity of environments.

MacDermid Enthone coatings for agricultural machinery preserve the strength and integrity of metal surfaces that are regularly put to demanding tests in the course of farming, harvesting and other such activities. Our solutions deliver outstanding reliability and superior protection while meeting stringent erosion and corrosion protection requirements.

Our coatings for mining preserve the strength and integrity of metal surfaces that are regularly put to demanding tests in the course of extracting minerals, metals and other natural resources. Our solutions deliver outstanding reliability and superior protection while meeting stringent erosion and corrosion protection requirements.

  • Qualicoat approved conversion coatings protect and improve paint adhesion architectural aluminum
  • Our surface preparation and phosphating products offer pre-treatment and protection for all metals used within the construction industry
  • Passivation for hot dip galvanized coatings extend the protection to the onset of white rust
  • Mechanical zinc provides sacrificial protection for high tensile fasteners and nails
  • Zinc electroplating provides sacrificial corrosion protection for fasteners

Engineering Coatings

MacDermid Enthone Engineering coatings for heavy equipment provide exceptional corrosion and wear resistance for machinery that must withstand routine exposure to severe atmospheric and climate conditions. Our coatings create value throughout the entire supply chain by decreasing metal and chemical consumption while reducing process steps.

MacDermid Enthone electroless nickel and hard chrome processes are ideally suited for agriculture, construction and mining equipment. Each process optimizes efficiency and enhances durability while boosting productivity through lower maintenance costs and minimized downtime.

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We offer hexavalent chromium-free passivation systems to conform to environmental directives such as RoHS and ELV. These directives require hexavalent chromium replacement coatings. Our Qualicoat approved coatings can be applied as the final finish or as a primer to improve paint adhesion on components such as window frames.

Additionally our Oxidite anodising range consists of products to clean, etch, polish and deoxidise the aluminium prior to anodising. Additives to the anodising bath to give better uniformity, greater temperature tolerance and control spray. Complementary to our coloring dyes are seals which include mid-temperature, low-temperature and nickel-free systems

Hard Chrome

Specially engineered for the hydraulics/fluid power market, ANKOR®Hydraulics hard chrome process delivers exceptional corrosion resistance, while offering a more sustainable alternative versus other high efficiency, etch-free hard chrome processes available today.

ANKOR Hydraulics is proven to increase productivity by up to 25%, due to its exceptional metal distribution. More thickness is achieved on the weakest spot of the hydraulic bar in less time, while reducing electricity and chemistry consumption. In addition to steel, ANKOR Hydraulics offers rapid deposition of hard chromium on stainless steel, induction hardened steel, chrome-on-chrome and nickel underlayers.

ANKOR Hydraulics includes a foamless, PFOS-free mist suppressant as an integral part of the hard chrome technology. The suppressant component eliminates air borne emission and contributes towards the smoothness, brightness, hardness and robustness of the process while enabling easy chrome-on-chrome adhesion and resistance to current interruptions. ANKOR Hydraulics minimizes drag-out, slows metal impurity build-up, reduces cooling demand, as well as delivers best-in-class current efficiency, low plating voltage, over-plate reduction, reduced equipment and anode maintenance. ANKOR Hydraulics is designed for horizontal hoist and continuous lines, as well as manual vertical operation.


Surface Preparation


Removing oil, grease and general soils from metals such as aluminum, brass, magnesium and steel is a critical step in any surface treatment process. The MacDermid range of Clepo, Isoprep and Metex cleaners are proven to provide a chemically clean surface in the demanding conversion coating, electroplating and pre-paint applications.

The range includes:

  • Non-etch cleaners for light metals
  • Etches for aluminum
  • Soak degreasers for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Electrolytic cleaners for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Phosphate coatings are extensively used to improve the adhesion of organic coatings to ferrous metals. The CanPhos and Keykote phosphating improves this adhesion in either spray or immersion applications.

To meet RoHS, WEEE and EOLV directives, our processes include Qualicoat and GSB approved chromium-free systems. For multi-metal use we have cleaner phosphate systems which can be teamed with high-performance dry in place final seals to provide reliable, cost-effective pre-treatment for painting.

Our latest technology BlueKote 2000 answers industry concerns on disposal of phosphates. BlueKote 2000 is both phosphate and heavy metal-free. BlueKote 2000 increases the bonding between metal and paint as well as improving the corrosion resistance.



MacDermid Hot Dip Galvanizing products cover the requirement for effective cleaning and acid pickling and the protection of the freshly galvanized surface against white corrosion. Alkaline and acid cleaners effectively prepare the surface prior to the use of inhibited acid pickles which provide a constant pickling rate and a long bath lifetime.

For many years the water based, chromium-free post treatment system Hydroclear has proved its capability to prevent white corrosion. Hydroclear conserves the uniform brightness of the original galvanized surface and improves the visual quality.

High tensile fasteners and nails need a sacrificial coating which provide long term protection against rust as well as not embrittling the substrate. Mechanically applied zinc, MacuGuard, meets these requirements. It is the global leading process for non-embrittling zinc deposits.



Electroplated zinc gives exceptional sacrificial corrosion resistance. This means the zinc corrodes preferentially to the steel, therefore extending component life. Our zinc plating systems provide bright 'blue chromium type', iridescent and black finishes. All of which add aesthetic value to the component. Additionally our range of dry film lubricants reduce the friction coefficient, making assembly easier and more consistent.