The petroleum and chemical process industries are the largest users of electroless plated finishes such as nickel phosphorus alloy, diffused nickel or composite coatings for onshore and offshore coatings. They improve quality while adhering to the most demanding OEM industry standards. Our coatings create value throughout the entire supply chain by decreasing metal and chemical consumption, reducing process steps and meeting stringent corrosion protection requirements.

Applications for MacDermid Enthone electroless nickel and hard chrome processes range from pump rotors, valves and subsea assemblies to off-shore, on-shore and down-hole operations. Each process optimizes efficiency and enhances durability while boosting productivity through lower maintenance costs and minimized downtime.

Additionally these applications use our Therminol heat transfer fluids, Vinbrite corrosion protective oils and phosphate coatings to improve the adhesion of organic finishes.

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Therminol Heat Transfer Fluids


Often referred to as “the lifeblood of production facilities”, Heat Transfer Fluids are crucial for many applications used within the Oil & Gas Industry.

Our experience shows that correct product selection is key to success. Fluid replacement is not only expensive but the corresponding operational down-time can be significant, especially for remote locations. We have a long history within this market sector, recommending best fit from the extensive Therminol product portfolio. Our customers include demanding applicators in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Routine Fluid Analysis is an important procedure in maintenance of Heat Transfer Fluids. This testing highlights potential problems before they impact on your process cycle. Service support also includes system design guidance, training, start up assistance and waste fluid handling.

Phosphate coatings are extensively used to improve the adhesion of organic coatings to ferrous metals. The CanPhos and Keykote phosphating improves this adhesion in either spray or immersion applications.

To meet RoHS, WEEE and EOLV directives, our processes include Qualicoat and GSB approved chromium-free systems. For multi-metal use we have cleaner phosphate systems which can be teamed with high-performance dry in place final seals to provide reliable, cost-effective pre-treatment for painting.

Our latest technology BlueKote 2000 answers industry concerns on disposal of phosphates. BlueKote 2000 is both phosphate and heavy metal-free. BlueKote 2000 increases the bonding between metal and paint as well as improving the corrosion resistance. Return to top



MacDermid Enthone engineering coatings provide freedom of shape due to their perfect coating thickness distribution which offer the desirable fatigue strength high alloy stainless steels can’t deliver.

These deposits may contain up to 13% Phosphorus by weight and unlike normal electroplating processes, they are produced without any externally applied electric current.

Typically these applications use high phosphorus coatings of 25 to 75 μm (1 to 3 mils) thickness to achieve optimum corrosion resistance in aggressive brines, acids and gasses. These deposits have complete uniformity across the component, regardless of shape, size and complexity. Combined these properties make electroless nickel ideal for both onshore and offshore coatings on ferrous substrates. Additionally ANKOR hard chrome is also used in oil industry applications for its proven record of high hardness, excellent wear resistance and excellent lubricity.

Key features:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Thickness distribution
  • Know-how
  • Reliability

The harsh environment for offshore coatings such as down-hole and deep sea and onshore in applications such as Fracking require the most demanding corrosion resistant coatings. To achieve this our customers and the industry supply chain depend on our processes and experience. Common applications in this industry include valves, chokes, blowout preventers, mud pumps, sucker rod and submergible pumps, pipe, heat exchangers and separators, packers, safety valves, production tubing, and all types of down-hole tools.

Our advanced range of Vinbrite Corrosion Protectives are used within the oil and gas industry to protect bare steel or phosphate coated components. Our range covers short to long term corrosion protection and provides oily, waxy or dry to touch films.

Application methods include dip, spray, brush and aerosol. Several Vinbrite products carry Rolls Royce approval and Vinbrite DQ12 has been developed specifically for oil and gas industries. Used in conjunction with Keykote 36 phosphate coatings it protects the substrate even in harsh marine environments.


MacDermid Offshore Solutions


MacDermid Offshore Solutions provide products and services for the offshore industry, worldwide. Coupled with our technical support we help ensure that components will last their intended field life. Servicing and supporting our customers with experienced plating experts and well equipped laboratories is a critical part of our value proposition.

Together with MacDermid Offshore Solutions we have a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary needs and the complex interactions of the industry, supply chain and supporting technologies. Our market leading Oceanic and Erifon water-based fluids are used for hydraulic control of valves in offshore drilling and production systems. They are also used for controlling oil and gas flow to processing.

When you need to provide consistent protection, wear resistance and hydraulic control fluids, even in the world's harshest environments, count on MacDermid.