Satisfying our customers for over 100 years

MacDermid are a global specialty chemicals company serving the diversified needs of the Electronics, Industrial, Offshore and Printing industries, MacDermid specializes in providing solutions and superior customer service to the Flat Rolled Steel industry.

How do we achieve this? By providing the complete range of products and backing this up with our team of industry experts. From Rolling Oils, pretreatments, plating chemicals to final processes such as passivations and organic coatings, MacDermid Enthone Light Metal Finishes Group has it covered. We invite you to contact us and discuss your needs, what can we do for you today?

Why are we different?

Our vision

Our vision guides our business actions. It outlines what we need to accomplish in order to achieve our goals and ensure sustainable growth.

  • Provide our customers with access to our team of industry proven experts
  • Funding and investment in
    • People – To provide superior customer service
    • Plant – For manufacturing the products our customers require
    • Equipment – To support our technical service teams
    • Technology – Innovation to help our customers meet their evolving product needs
  • Offering a complete line of industry leading products and technologies for flat roll steel processing
  • Establishing a Superior Service Commitment

Our Superior Service Commitment

  • Understanding and responding to our customers industry needs
  • Developing products which meet the evolving industry requirements
  • Having our industry specialists in direct communication with our customers

Alumal Elox 557

Aluminum Conversion Coatings

Increasing concerns over the health and ecological effects of hexavalent chromium has inspired the development of alternative approaches and technologies for various coating types. At the center of the innovation efforts are MacDermid Enthone, whose development of chromate-free conversion coatings such Iridite NCP and EXD are direct replacements for chromium containing finishes.

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MacDermid Enthone Oxidite Systems demonstrate our expertise in cleaning, etching, desmutting, coloring and sealing for the anodizing industry. Developed and refined to meet customers' exacting needs,they are consistently specified for one reason they work.

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Hot Dip Galvanizing

MacDermid Enthone offers products specifically developed for the pre and post treatment of Hot Dip Galvanizing. These products cover the requirement for effective cleaning and acid pickling and the protection of the freshly galvanized surface against white corrosion.

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Inter-Operational Cleaners

Products for pre and post-treatment of hot dip galvanized parts: Efficient and robust acid and alkaline cleaners to remove oils and greases, reducing contamination and ash levels in the zinc bath Acid inhibitors to reduce acid consumption and to protect base metal, jigs, chains and suspension wires Hydroclear, a chrome free post dip to prevent wet staining and retain gloss and brightness

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View our Lubricants Product Range, and see which one most fits to your needs.

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Phosphate-Coating (Engineering)

Engineering Coatings are metallic deposits used for their physical properties. They provide corrosion and wear resistance and can be applied using either electrolytic or electroless deposition. Engineering coatings include electroless nickel, hard chrome and sulphamate nickel.

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MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions continuous learning webinar recordings available Jul 23, 2020, 6:05 AM

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XtraForm Antiglare May 7, 2020, 6:07 AM

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Academies: Continuous Education During the Health Crisis Apr 8, 2020, 1:31 PM

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