Oxidite - Treatments For The Anodizing Industry

MacDermid Enthone Oxidite Systems demonstrate our expertise in cleaning, etching, desmutting, coloring and sealing for the anodizing industry. Developed and refined to meet customers' exacting needs,they are consistently specified for one reason they work.

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Our Oxidite processes are a compilation of our aluminum treatment products assembled specifically to exceed the expectations and requirements of the aluminum finisher. Together they provide all the necessary processes for consistently high quality coating performance.

The Most Complete Range Of Anodizing Products MacDermid Enthone’s Oxidite Systems cover all alloys and castings typically treated in the anodizing process. No matter what the need, we have a pre-formulated solution, backed by MacDermid Enthone's global technical service, you can be sure your needs are our goals.

For proven, industry-leading performance and productivity, count on MacDermid Enthone.

  • Exceptional Process Life and Stability
  • Environmentally Compliant Processes
  • Complete Anodizing Range of Products
  • Reliable, Durable, Consistent High Performance
  • Advanced Technology for Aluminum Anodizing


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