Pre and Post Treatment for Hot Dip Galvanizing

MacDermid Enthone offers products specifically developed for the pre and post treatment of Hot Dip Galvanizing.

These products cover the requirement for effective cleaning and acid pickling and the protection of the freshly galvanized surface against white corrosion.

Alkaline and acid cleaners effectively prepare the surface prior to the use of inhibited acid pickles which provide a constant pickling rate and a long bath lifetime.

For many years the water based, chromium-free post treatment system Hydroclear has proved its capability to prevent white corrosion. Hydroclear conserves the uniform brightness of the original galvanized surface and improves the visual quality.

Our long experience of Hot Dip Galvanizing leads to continuously improved products and benefits for your production.

  • Reduced zinc waste created from the
  • carry over of oils, greases and soils
  • No rework due to unclean parts
  • Protection from white corrosion
  • Coating homogeneity and brightness
  • Exceptional process life