Rolling Oils

Lubricants Product Range

Product Group

Description Overview
Lubricants for industrial applications Designed for light machining through to heavy duty operations

Synthetic and mineral corrosion resistant oils to 
meet all applications
Relubro Lubricants for machine tools Comprehensive range of synthetic, 
semi-synthetic and soluble oil-based products.

Designed for large central sumps and multi-function machine tools.

Meet current health and safety considerations for 
machine tool lubricants.
Therminol Heat transfer fluids Suitable for applications including injection moulding, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing.

Available as synthetic (temperature range – 85 to 345ºC) and mineral bases ( range from -7 to 160ºC)
Trustol Water based hydraulic fluid Used in hazardous environments where leakage of conventional oils would represent a fire hazard

Fluid has anti wear and corrosion inhibiting properties
Vinoleo Lubricants specifically designed to assist in the making of joints of drinking water transfer pipe lines Vinoleo lubricants are optimised for iron, steel, stainless steel, concrete, clay and applicable plastic pipe compounds.

They resist bacterial joint infiltration 

Vinoleo products have local, national and OEM approvals and are covered under the stringent UK Water Research Council regulations