Pearlbrite (Phone).pngAncillary equipment

For surface finishing applications


MacDermid Enthone supply surface finishing ancillary equipment for:



Metal recovery

Technology Benefits Features
Chromium recovery

Captures up to 99% of chromium

  • Leading edge atmospheric evaporation design
  • Use with chromium etching and plating rinses
  • Programmable logic control with remote monitoring capability 
  • Discharges air through a scrubber or condenses air in closed loop system
Copper recovery Captures up to 95% of copper metal
  • Automated process 
  • Re-use copper as solid metal
  • Significantly reduces copper sludge
  • Reduces copper in the rinse water discharge to 2 ppm
Nickel recovery Captures up to 95% of nickel metal
  • Automated process 
  • Re-use nickel as solid metal
  • Significantly reduces nickel sludge
  • Virtually eliminates nickel in the rinse water discharge
Palladium recovery Recover expensive palladium metal
  • Automated process 
  • Resell spent palladium metal
  • Does not use expensive resin material in operation
  • Virtually eliminates palladium in the rinse water discharge

Solution purification

Technology Benefits Features
Automated pH correction

Reduces costs by eliminating the addition of carbonate salts

  • Reduces pitting / stardust 
  • Curtails chlorine gas emmissions
  • Lowers need for frequent filter changes
  • Improves finish consistency when use auxillary anodes
Carbomax carbonate removal Removes carbonates from alkaline zinc-nickel plating solutions
  • Reduces contamination
  • Maintain plating efficiencies
  • No loss of plating solution through purification
  • Produces a dry sludge that can be readily disposed*
Nickel solution purification

Control of organics by removing brightener breakdown by products

  • Reduces plating defects
  • Removes metallic contamination
  • Lessens frequency for carbon treatements
  • Lowers harmful organics in plating solution
PEARLBRITE satin nickel Extends the life of satin nickel plating solution
  • Ability to filter without dosing 
  • Precise flow control and regulation
  • Dosing with linear correlation to flow rates
  • Control up to 5 separate Pearlbrite agents with one unit
Trivalent chromium purification Removes contaminants from plating bath
  • Performs conductivity check after regeneration 
  • Operates automatically with a variable feed cycle 
  • Reduces plating defects caused by metallic contamination
  • Programmable Logic Control with remote monitoring capability 
ZINCROLYTE KCl-Ni membrane system Reduce metal consumption and cost of solution disposal
  • Eliminate anode activation
  • Consistent metal concentrations
  • Reduce consumption of zinc metal
  • Virtual elimination of solution dilution requirements

*For waste treatment, the user is required to know the appropriate local/state/federal regulations for on-site or off-site treatment which may require permits.