As the worldwide leader in Anti-Corrosion Coatings, MacDermid Industrial Solutions understands exactly what it takes to satisfy our customers' needs: the ability to listen to their challenges and the expertise to provide them with the highest performing, customized solutions possible.

From the smallest screws that hold together the electronics in a PDA to the massive tension rods on deep sea oil platforms, we take the time and effort to understand the specific requirements of each project and then deliver the industry’s most functional and protective coating ever conceived.

Our portfolio comprises electroplated zinc and zinc alloy systems, mechanically plated zinc, trivalent passivates, topcoats and friction control. Our systems are specified by many of the world’s largest automotive, electronics, construction and aerospace applicators.

As environmental issues continue to be a catalyst for change, we are consistently introducing new or redesigned solutions that completely avoid or minimize pollution risks, most notably within our hexavalent chrome-free ZinKlad systems package.

Zinc & Zinc Alloy Systems

Zinc and zinc alloys provide cost-effective, high performance coatings – with minimal change in dimensional tolerances. Together with trivalent chromium passivates and sealers, zinc-based systems offer excellent corrosion resistance for all steel fasteners, thanks to zinc’s electronegative properties to iron.

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Passivation Systems

MacDermid Enthone TriPass ELV passivation systems comprise the complete range of hexavalent chromium-free products. Available in black, blue and iridescent, the range includes our latest cobalt-free passivates. Extremely resistant to thermal shock, TriPass ELV passivates form an important layer in the ZinKlad automotive hexavalent chromium-free coatings systems.

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Friction Control

MacDermid range of Torque 'N' Tension products provides two important improvements to Fasteners. Predictability of the Torque and Tension relationship and Increased corrosion resistance

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Top Coats

Our Topcoats are the high performance, multi-function family of coatings engineers worldwide rely on more than ever to protect zinc and zinc-alloy coatings and are particularly suited for automotive applications. Our Top Coats, including ENSEAL, JS, HydroKlad and Torque 'N' Tension, are the most efficient methods to improve performance of any metallic coating, and have become essential ingredients for the next generation of hexavalent-free finishes, capable of ensuring no premature cosmetic corrosion. They offer abrasion resistance, lubrication, UV identifiers, heat resistance, coating deformation protection, color coding, fluid resistance and thread patch adhesion promoters. Ideal for ensuring dissimilar metals remain insulated and isolated, MacDermid Enthone Top Coats are the right choice for any application.

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