TriPass ELV Systems #1 Worldwide

MacDermid Enthone TriPass ELV passivation systems comprise the complete range of hexavalent chromium-free products. Available in black, blue and iridescent, the range includes our latest cobalt-free passivates.

Extremely resistant to thermal shock, TriPass ELV passivates form an important layer in the ZinKlad automotive hexavalent chromium-free coatings systems.

Latest cobalt-free and hexavalent-chromium free passivation systems

Driven by REACH, several industries have started looking for alternative technologies free from cobalt salts. To meet these needs, MacDermid Enthone have introduced TriPass ELV 7000 cobalt-free passivation systems. Benefits of TriPass ELV 7000 series passivates include:

  • Additives are free of Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic compounds (CMR-Free)
  • Solution free from hexavalent chromium and cobalt (SVHC-free)
  • Compliant with ELV, RoHS, WEEE directives
  • Inhibitor content can be analyzed in the film

TriPass Meeting All Automotive Requirements


Our trivalent passivate TriPass ELV passivation systems meet all ELV Directives through their use of trivalent chromium and pass all automotive industry test requirements, including GM 3034. The perfect drop-in replacement for older hexavalent chromium based chromates, they have all been rigorously tested and used in some of the world’s largest, full scale industrial conditions. They meet the highest specifications from required by both applicators and end users. TriPass ELV passivation systems are the high performance alternatives to hexavalent chromium that not only reduce “white rust” but also deliver exceptional cosmetic appearance.

Key Passivation Features

  • Extremely resistant to thermal shock
  • Production proven at the world’s largest automotive surface finishers
  • Superior corrosion protection and film uniformity
  • All from one global supplier Part of the ZinKlad coatings systems

TriPass ELV

Driven by the European End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and RoHS directives, hexavalent-based chromate conversion coatings have been replaced in many cases by hex-chrome-free passivation.

TriPass ELV passivates are used over a zinc or zinc alloy, including zinc-iron, zinc-nickel and zinc-cobalt. The cost-effective passivates maintain long bath life and meet optical coating demands, as well as support and enhance corrosion resistance. Ideally suited for both rack and barrel operations, TriPass ELV passivates deliver uniform bright deposits, while addressing today’s application and intricate design requirements.

TriPass ELV passivates meet and exceed the demands specified by ISO 2081 for transparent, iridescent and black conversion coatings. Each passivate, followed by an ENSEAL® sealant, further optimize corrosion protection.

For a comprehensive listing of TriPass ELV thick film passivates specifically engineered for the automotive industry, please view our TriPass ELV systems page, including cobalt-free TriPass ELV 3300.

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TriPass ELV TECBLUE Passivation

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TriPass ELV TECBLUE is a highly corrosion resistant blue passivate based upon trivalent chromium for use with electroplated zinc deposits.   

It produces a blue color passivate film of high visual appeal onto electroplated zinc deposits from and acid and alkaline electrolytes. It is easy to operate, control and waste water treat. It has high tolerance to metallic contamination and achieves a long solution life. It is highly suited for both rack and barrel application. 

  • Intense blue color
  • Long life solution 
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for deposits from acid and alkaline zinc

TriPass ELV 8000

TriPass ELV 8000 is a passivate based on trivalent chromium for use with electroplated zinc deposits.
It is a two-component liquid concentrate, which produces a uniform silver finish with limited iridescence.

Passivation layers produced by TriPass ELV 8000 are specifically designed to withstand high temperature and are fully compatible with hydrogen de-embrittlement bake conditions which can be carried out directly after passivation. Enabling user benefits such as quality advantages through less handling and improved internal logistics.

The passivate it is easy to control and suitable for barrel applications.


TriPass ELV 7000 Passivation

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TriPass ELV 7000 is a cobalt-free passivate based on trivalent chromium and colloidal silicate. This trivalent passivate is both CMR and SVHC-free. It has been developed to protect zinc and zinc-iron coatings. TriPass ELV 7000 passivation coatings have good scratch resistance.

A particular feature of the TriPass ELV 7000 trivalent passivate film is that the new corrosion inhibitor, which replaces cobalt, can be analyzed (in the deposit). The link between the inhibitor content and corrosion protection means that ensuring the optimum content in the film will aid quality control.

TriPass ELV 3300

Cobalt-free, Cr(III) Thick Film Passivate

TriPass ELV 3300 cobalt-free, trivalent chromium thick film passivate delivers exceptional corrosion protection that may eliminate the need for a post-seal or lacquer, especially when used as part of a complete Enthone zinc or zinc alloy system. The extremely versatile process may be used over acid zinc, as well as alkaline zinc and zinc alloys.The process meets automotive industry demands for a highly corrosion resistant Cr(VI)-free alternative.

An environmentally sound and OEM-preferred alternative to hexavalent chromates and conventional thick film passivates, TriPass ELV 3300 does not require the addition of cobalt salts to achieve high salt spray protection values. TriPass ELV 3300 meets the emerging European government directive to eliminate Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), which will include the banning of cobalt salts.

TriPass ELV 3300 may be used in either rack or barrel applications. In accordance with ISO 4227 / ASTM B117 neutral salt spray testing, the passivate provides corrosion resistance of 120 hours (barrel application) and 240 hours (rack application) without white rust. For many parts, the NSS figures will be even higher, depending on substrate quality and application technology. The formation of black spots during salt spray is significantly reduced.

The TriPass ELV 3300 solution creates a clear, slightly iridescent passivate film without clouds and stains. The passivate layers are listed in the IMDS system under code 3641289 and meet ELV, RoHS and WEEE requirements. TriPass ELV 3300 offers ease of handling and a wide operating range.

Consistency, reliability and control of the zinc or zinc alloy passivation passivation can be further optimized with M-Logic process monitoring software.

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