Unrivaled productivity & sustainability for highest corrosion protection

3S is a special filtering system that enhances the production throughput and reduces chemical and energy consumption of our PERFORMA 285 & PERFORMA 288 Zinc-Nickel plating technologies.

This innovative technology replaces conventional metal anodes, such as nickel or steel, with sizes-elective membrane anodes, that prevent the migration of complex agents and other organic constituents from the electrolyte, hence stops the oxidation. It also continuously eliminates the formation of troublesome cyanide complexes, realizes lower total organic carbon generation and reduces carbonate by-product formation.

Key Features & Benefits 


  • Production proven technology
  • High productivity (20%+ more current efficiency)
  • Excellent initiation on case hardened steel
  • Reduced energy demand
  • No bleed and feed required
  • No carbonate freeze-out required
  • Steady state operation
  • High return on invest (typically < 1 year)
  • Robust and lasting design
  • Suited for rack and barrel applications
  • Easier wastewater treatment (less TOC, no cyanide)

With over 100 installations worldwide, some operational for over 10 years, 
PERFORMA 3S is a reliable and production-proven technology


3S equipment is robust and designed with the harsh production environment of both job and in-house plating installations in mind.

When paired with 3S, the plating efficiency of the zinc-nickel bath remains at the make-up-level for many years, reducing the operational costs significantly.