MacDermid is the only supplier to offer a complete range of Zinc Alloy Plating Systems.

Our innovative alloy systems include zinc nickel, zinc iron, zinc cobalt, zinc tin and zinc aluminum.

Each deposit offering a unique set of electro-mechanical properties. Our innovative Enviralloy™ systems offer both ultra-high performance and exceptional cost savings of 30-50% over competitive high performance coatings systems.

Enviralloy Sn

  • Tin zinc alloy plated deposits offers exceptional electrical contact performance for grounding applications
  • The deposit is also highly resistant to corrosion especially to the appearance of "white rust"
  • Tin zinc is also readily deformed and manipulated
  • Tin zinc alloy coatings can be further enhanced by the used of specific top coats

When combined with our renowned ZinKlad™ quality assurance program and thorough understanding of OEM specifications, it's easy to see why our zinc alloy Systems are consistently specified by the world's leading automotive manufacturers.