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Nothing captures today's style and fashion like chromium plating. Elegant, timeless, enduring, and truly iconic. MacDermid Enthone’s decorative finishes range offers a large styling choice and engineering compliance like no others.

MacDermid Enthone’s trivalent chromium portfolio in combination with satin nickel offering stunning combinations of bright to satin and white to dark finishes. Not only do they deliver a wide range pallet of colors and finishes, but they also meet today's most demanding performance standards e.g. corrosion resistance.

Creating New Standards for Appearance and Protection

Our Automotive Solutions for decorative interior and exterior applications enable new design, versatility, and style.

MacDermid Enthone decorative coatings include REACH compliant copper-nickel-chrome processes that offer durability and long lasting beauty to a diversity of plastic and metals used to manufacture grills, door handles, bumpers, emblems, and much more.

The OEM approved, distinctive finishes and colors provide dynamic styling to meet demanding production and detailing requirements. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers and applicators to ensure cost-effective and environmentally compliant processes that deliver a range of bright, satin, white and dark finishes.

Our chromium system innovations cover a spectrum of metal finishing applications which are also used in plumbing, home furnishings, appliances, musical instruments, jewelry, audio, and video components.


What makes our decorative coatings unique is the approach we take during development: new products should capture the needs of designers looking for individuality, something different and meet the needs of engineers who demand better consistency and improved performance.

All innovations should be based on chemistry that gives Health, Safety and Environmental benefits were in so important key aspects we expect no compromise.

As the world's leading supplier of decorative coatings and plating on plastic systems, you know whatever we offer has behind it the best development history in our industry.

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Plating on Plastic

Nickel and chromium metals are the most commonly applied, normally called chrome plating or plastic chrome plating

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Prior to plating, aluminum is pre-treated using specific technology which removes oils and greases, then deoxidizes the surface without attacking the aluminum substrate. MacDermid have developed pre-treament systems using either alkaline or acid technology. The choice will depend on your application and aluminum alloy. After these stages a zincate layer is applied. This zincate layer is critical to ensure excellent adhesion of the subsequent plated metals, such as copper, nickel or electroless nickel deposits.

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Brass & Copper

This is where it all began for MacDermid. In 1922, MacDermids’ founder, Archie MacDermid, developed the first of our now world class cleaners for Brass. He and the company established a reputation for application know-how that even today is at the heart of our customer philosophy.

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Ferrous Substrates

Our surface preparation product range includes some of the most effective steel soak, spray and electro cleaners available today. Our array of products are tailored to specific applications such as barrel & rack electroplating, high pressure in line spray cleaning systems, high volume galvanizing dunk tanks and high speed wire mills. MacDermid Enthone have developed one of the most comprehensive and versatile ranges of steel cleaners available.

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Precious Metal Plating

MacDermid Enthone Jewelry, Fashion & Decorative Finishes are marketed under the SEL-REX® brand and are specially formulated to meet the most stringent requirements of the decorative industry. We partner with our customers to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly processes that deliver a broad range of colors, precise karat and cadmium-free gold alloys, as well as health and safety compliant alloys for precious and non precious metal processes. From jewelry and high-fashion accessories, to textiles, cosmetics packaging, watches, silverware and more, SEL-REX decorative and electroforming processes make them look and perform their best!

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Zinc Diecast

Copper and Nickel Plating of Zinc Based diecasting Process: 1. Pre-clean in polishing compound remover Metex* SU 486 2. Soak clean in Metex S 1702 3. Anodic clean in Metex EN 1751 4. Acid dip in Metex M-629 Dry Acid Salt 5. Alkaline copper strike** 6. Alkaline copper plate in Cuprobrite 3 7. Pyrophosphate copper plate in Clepo SP 8. Bright acid copper plate in CuMac Optima 9. Nickel plate from the Elpelyt range

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Decorative Finishes




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