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Why choose products from the Anodex, ENPREP and Metex range?

Because thorough cleaning is an essential ingredient to any successful finishing operation. The majority of plating failures are the result of improper cleaning and activation cycles. Consistent and successful plating is achieved when cleaner selection and operating conditions have been given the same consideration as the plating process. Once the proper cleaning cycle has been determined, the finishing process can proceed with confidence.

MacDermid Enthone complete line of soak, spray and electrocleaners are formulated specifically for cleaning and activating steel, stainless steel, brass, iron, magnesium, zinc die casts, copper, and copper alloys. These products can have a major impact on overall finishing costs when you consider that surface conditioners can represent up to 50% of your chemical costs.

Process Flexibility for Application Flexibility

Because ENPREP products are application specific, you can select a pretreatment system tailored to your substrates, soils, and processing cycles. This ensures maximum cleaning performance and long solution life for the best cost/performance ratio.

Performance Characteristics Improve Plating Quality

ENPREP soak and electrocleaners and boosters provide high oil retention, and superior rinsability in rack and barrel plating applications. In addition to providing a clean, active surface for subsequent electroplating, ENPREP systems can lower operating costs by reducing reject rates.

ENPREP Creates Value

  • Faster, economical, more efficient removal of soil from steel and copper.
  • Provides stain and smut-free active surface for plating.
  • Cycle-specific soak cleaners, electrocleaners, and boosters.
  • Phosphated and non-phosphated cleaners to meet local discharge permits.
  • Available as oil emulsifying or displacement to fit existing equipment.
  • Non-chelated and chelated systems for process flexibility.
  • Excellent rinsability. Easy to handle and store.

Final Finishes

EBONOL® Blackening Processes

EBONOL® processes are designed to blacken and color brass, nickel, zinc and copper, as well as copper alloy. Available in several formulations, EBONOL coatings produce:

  • Various shades of brown on copper, including statuary bronze color. This is particularly effective on brass, enabling colors such as Antique Brass and English Bronze.
  • Coatings that are jet black and very adherent, as well as chemically and heat stable.
  • Dull or glossy finishes, depending on the surface condition of the zinc.

EBONOL is ideally suited for plumbing fixtures & fittings, door & window hardware, appliance components and much more.

BLACK PEARL® Black Nickel Process

BLACK PEARL® is a black nickel process that produces a wide variety of decorative deposits ranging from uniform black to dark gray. Deposits are easily highlighted to generate an antique bronze, brass, copper or pewter finish.

BLACK PEARL is ideally suited for today's contemporary plumbing fixtures and fitting designs, as it delivers the ability to specify a variety of new color combinations.

If added protection is desired, Electrolac water-based acrylic lacquer is used as a post-treatment.

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