Macuplex - Conventional Chromic Acid Etching Cycle

Process Stage Product Description
Chromic acid etching UDIQUE Etch Wetting Agent The new generation PFOS / PFOA free and low foam UDIQUE Etch Wetting Agent is highly stable and does not breakdown over time, reducing surface tension. The drag-out losses are evidently reduced.
Conditioner (optional) MacuPlex T-675 Conditions substrates that are difficult to activate in the plating on plastics process by enhancing a more uniform adsorption in the activation stage. The MacuPlex T-675 may be used either as a separate process, or added directly to the neutralizer solution to reduce the number of process stations required. Substrates that may benefit include PC/ABS, Polycarbonate, Noryl®, and Polypropylene.
Chromium Neutralizer

MacuPlex ECR/


The low temperature and hydrazine free MacuPlex ECR is the most advanced chrome reducer in the plating on plastic process provides an alternative to the hazardous types of products.


The UDIQUE 862 eliminates residual hexavalent chromium on the plastic parts and racks surface Minimizing the risk of contamination in the following process steps.
Activator Mactivate 360 UDIQUE 879 W, MACUPLEX D34C Palladium based catalyst designed to adsorb plastic surface. The activator systems can be used for all industry segments such as automotive, sanitary building hardware cosmetic and fashion and all other industry segments for decorative plating on plastic applications. Furthermore MacuPlex D 34 C is well known for its suitability for 2 K components (selective plating).   

Maccelerator 25

Maccelerator 25 and UDIQUE 8810 provide excellent shelf life and a wide operating window for the Accelerator stage in the plating on plastics sequence. The accelerator systems can be used in most cycles which utilize either MacuPlex Electroless Nickel or Electroless Copper.
Electroless Nickel MacuPlex J-64 or UDIQUE 891

The ammonia based systems giving thin and homogeneous electroless nickel deposit as well conductive coating well bonded to the plastic surface used for plating on plastics The processes are simple to operate and stands out for excellent robustness and stability.

Surface Conditioner CUPROSTAR  IC CUPROSTAR IC immersion copper plating process provides a uniform copper deposit with exceptional adhesion and conductivity between electroless nickel layer and acid copper