Macuplex - Conventional Chromic Acid Etching Cycle

Process Stage Product Description
Chromic acid etching MacuPlex E110 MacuPlex E-110 is an additive specifically designed to allow lower concentrations of chromic acid etches for plating on plastics applications. It is designed to be used on plastic types including ABS, ABS/PC T45 and polypropylene.
Conditioner (optional) MacuPlex T-675 Conditions substrates that are difficult to activate in the plating on plastics process by enhancing a more uniform adsorption in the activation stage. The MacuPlex T-675 may be used either as a separate process, or added directly to the neutraliser solution to reduce the number of process stations required. Substrates that may benefit include PC/ABS, Polycarbonate, Noryl® and Polypropylene.
Chromium Neutralizer MacuPex ECR MacuPlex ECR promotes a more efficient and ecological method of reducing hexavalent chromium in the MacuPlex plating on plastic system. MacuPlex ECR provides an alternative to many of the hazardous types of products typically used in this application.
Activator Mactivate 360 An ultra-low concentration, precious metal liquid catalyst designed to lay down a Palladium layer on the suitably etched non-conductive surface. The low concentration substantially reduces drag-out costs. Mactivate 360 can be used for all automotive, decorative and shielding plating on plastic applications.
Accelerator Maccelerator 25 Maccelerator 25 provides excellent life and a wide operating window for the Accelerator stage in the plating on plastics sequence. Maccelerator 25 can be used in most cycles which utilize either MacuPlex Electroless Nickel or Electroless Copper.
Electroless Nickel MacuPlex J-64 or Macuplex M550 MacuPlex J-64 Room temperature electroless nickel strike bath. MacuPlex J-64 is normally used for plating on plastics, however, it can be used to plate thin deposits on various metals such as aluminum, steel, copper and its alloys.
MacuPlex M550 Ammonia, lead and cadmium-free electroless nickel designed to deposit the initial metal layer in the metallization of plating on plastics. MacuPlex M-550 process is simple to operate and is designed to be used in either plastic or stainless steel equipment.
Surface Conditioner MacuPlex P MacuPlex P improves the conductivity of electroless nickel deposits in the plating on plastic cycle prior to acid copper plating. MacuPlex P enhances both the contact between the rack tips and the electroless nickel deposit and resists 'burn off' in the first few moments of acid copper plating.