Advanced Direct-Plate Process

UDIQUE DP Plus is an advanced, direct-plate process specially formulated for ABS or ABS/PC decorative plating on plastics applications.

The process eliminates the electroless nickel, immersion copper and copper strike process steps required in conventional plating on plastics pretreatment processes. The result is reduced energy, water and waste treatment costs. UDIQUE DP Plus is also suitable to plate some PP materials.

The UDIQUE DP Plus process is production-proven to deliver improved performance versus competitive direct-plate processes. Specifically, the process provides a low operating cost through reduced palladium content in the activator working solution, while imparting a highly stable and uniform conductive layer on the plastic surface for subsequent acid copper plating.

The UDIQUE DP Plus process can be used for selective plating (2K and 3K– components) or as a stop-off lacquer. UDIQUE DP Plus is engineered to provide excellent adhesion on today’s advanced designs and for plating complex part geometries (e.g. sharp borderlines and edges) commonly plated in the automotive, building hardware and decorative finishes industries.