Infinity - Short Chromic Acid Etching Cycle

Process Stage Product Description
Chromic acid etching MacuPlex L500 MacuPlex L500 gives greater tolerance to trivalent chromium levels whilst maintaining the correct surface tension in the etch solution. It promotes a uniform etched surface on plastics which provides good adhesion and appearance to the finished product.
Activator Mactivate Infinity Macuplex Infinity solution is needed to react and chemically prepare the plastic component, thus creating the catalytic site needed to seed the electroless plating bath in the short cycle plating on plastics process.
Accelerator Infinity Accelerator Provides excellent life and a wide operating window for the Accelerator stage in the short cycle plating on plastics sequence
Electroless Nickel MacuPlex J-64 or Macuplex M550 MacuPlex J-64 Room temperature electroless nickel strike bath. MacuPlex J-64 is normally used for plating on plastics, however, it can be used to plate thin deposits on various metals such as aluminum, steel, copper and its alloys.
MacuPlex M550 Ammonia, lead and cadmium-free electroless nickel designed to deposit the initial metal layer in the metallization of plating on plastics. MacuPlex M-550 process is simple to operate and is designed to be used in either plastic or stainless steel equipment.
Nickel Strike Watts Nickel A nickel strike is recommended prior to the acid copper plating stage in the short cycle plating on plastics sequence. This helps prevent 'burn off' of the electroless nickel coating in the initial stages of copper deposition.