A globally available, environmentally sound, highly corrosion resistant white trivalent chromium process

TriMac BLUE is a REACH compliant, highly corrosion resistant trivalent chromium plating process, used to deposit a white bright decorative chromium layer over bright or satin nickel deposits. It is the direct replacement for solutions based on hexavalent chromium.

When used in combination with MacDermid Enthone satin or bright nickel processes and our DUR NI® microporous nickel, TriMac BLUE provides excellent CASS performance, which exceeds automotive standards.

The TriMac BLUE deposit color is consistent over all current density ranges. The process is tolerant to current interruptions, provides excellent uniform metal distribution and reduces or eliminates burning when compared to conventional hexavalent chromium deposits.

TriMac BLUE Key Features

Trimac Blue.jpg

  • Sulphate based environmental compliant process
  • Similar white, bluish color to hexavalent chromium
  • Excellent color stability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Simple wastewater treatment
  • PFAS and PFOS free process
  • Fulfil OEM requirements
  • Approved

TriMac BLUE Performance Values


Finish Closest to Hexavalent Chrome

  • Full replacement of hexavalent chrome finish
  • Mixed assembling with classic chrome finishes possible
  • For POP and metal substrate applications, interior and exterior


Stable Process Chemistry

  • Uniform layer distribution
  • Color constancy in a wide current density range
  • Color stability
  • Stable plating speed


Corrosion Resistance

  • Good NSS test performance*
  • Good CASS test performance*
  • Fulfil VW PV 1073 A and B*


Corrosion Resistance

  • Excellent coverage power
  • No loss of efficiency during production downtime or long maintenance periods
  • Less analytical effort
  • No red-brown discoloration of the electrolyte
  • Less disruptive organic degradation products, which means that the chrome layers become even more bluish
  • Better compatibility with the stabilizer, allowing extended use of the MMO anodes
  • Simplified wastewater treatment, higher initial Cr concentrations are possible
  • Increased and improved deposition rate due to new complexor


* In conjunction with MacDermid Enthone multilayer nickel and sufficient post treatment