Single step post treatment process, enhancing corrosion performance of trivalent chromium deposits

TRISTAR SHIELD is a non-Cr(VI) electrolytic process that optimizes decorative chromium deposits providing higher neutral salt spray resistance as well as  improved resistance to humidity.

The use of TRISTAR SHIELD also offers unique temporary storage protection to trivalent chrome plated parts.  The process provides the same performance as chromic acid based (CrVI) passivation treatments traditionally applied over chrome deposits.


Features & Benefits


  • PFAS-free trivalent chrome
  • Increased neutral salt spray and humidity performance
  • Improved resistance to nickel layer leaching (EN 1811)
  • Reduced staining tendency
  • Does not influence the color of the decorative chrome finish
  • Eased replenished for prolonged bath life 



Natural Oxide Layer
of Hexavalent Chrome

Conventional Passivation
for Trivalent Chrome

Trivalent Chrome 

Achieves > 480h NSS performance

Able to pass 480h NSS test

Achieves > 480h NSS Performance*

Achieves > 80h CASS

Difficult to reach > 80h CASS

Achieves > 80h CASS Performance*

Stable Nickel Leaching

No impact on Nickel Leaching

Improved Nickel Leaching Performance

Good Kesternich Test Performance

No impact on Kesternich Test Performance

Improved Kesternich Test Performance


Significantly improved resistance to staining and discoloration (dark trivalent chrome) in humid atmospheres


*In conjunction with MacDermid Enthone multilayer nickel system