Copper and Nickel Plating of Zinc Based diecasting

  1. Pre-clean in polishing compound remover Metex* SU 486
  2. Soak clean in Metex S 1702Door Handle Furniture Bild1_neutral (Mobile).jpg
  3. Anodic clean in Metex EN 1751
  4. Acid dip in Metex M-629 Dry Acid Salt
  5. Alkaline copper strike**
  6. Alkaline copper plate in Cuprobrite 3
  7. Pyrophosphate copper plate in Clepo SP
  8. Bright acid copper plate in CuMac Optima
  9. Nickel plate from the Elpelyt range

* Other cleaning systems may be recommended for the complete process sequence depending on component and soiling type. These are only given as a guideline.

** Where zinc base diecastings are plated in large numbers it is advisable that, even before alkaline copper plating, the diecastings be initially flash coppered in a copper ‘strike.’  The use of a copper ‘strike’ reduces the possibility of zinc contamination of the main copper solution.  Where an acid or pyrophosphate copper solution is employed, a preliminary cyanide copper flash is essential.