Electroless Nickel - PTFE Composite Process 
That’s Free of Fluorinated Surfactants

NiKlad ICE Ultra RC is an electroless nickel-phosphorous plating system that incorporates polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as occluded particles in a high phosphorous electroless nickel deposit matrix with a capability range from 15 to 25% by volume PTFE inclusion. The system is free of per and poly-fluorinated surfactants and meets the < 25 ppb PFOA requirements per REACh.

NiKlad ICE Ultra RC was designed to produce a consistent amount of uniformly dispersed PTFE throughout the EN deposit that can be varied based on concentration of dispersion and wetter introduced.  The deposits obtained are excellent for providing very low friction values, especially in applications where sliding wear is present and the wear mechanism is induced by light, well-distributed loads. The release and anti-stick properties of deposits are excellent, resulting in increased life of the coated surfaces.

The process can be applied to a wide variety of metals and is especially useful in extending the
life of light metals such as aluminum and its alloys.


Features and benefits

NiKlad ICE Ultra RC closeup.png

  • Free of per- and poly-fluorinated surfactants
  • Meets REACH requirement of < 25 ppb PFOA
  • Excellent wear resistance and high lubricity
  • Varied concentration of incorporated PTFE particles available
  • Uniform distribution of PTFE particles in deposit layer
  • Excellent bath and dispersion stability
  • Relatively long operating life compared to other EN/PTFE systems