Engine Valves

ANKOR Hard Chrome Processes are OEM approved and meet the specification of the major Engine Valve OEMs and Tier 1s, in this automotive application.

The valve shaft is plated in average with 5 - 8 µm micro – cracked Hard Chromium for wear- and corrosion protection as well as low friction requirements.

ANKOR chemical solutions meet the present and future demand of the Industry for high yields, lowest cost per part and long term planning security and compliance.

Product Offering for Engine Valves:

ANKOR 1126 - Reliable process, approved by major OEMs
ANKOR 1126 Hard Chromium coatings are micro-cracked bright, provide high hardness of more than 1000 HV0.1 and are low in friction. The special catalyst system provides exceptional high productivity, due to a 25% current efficiency, high yields and are mainly used in automotive applications, like Engine Valves and Fuel Injector components.  ANKOR 1126 is approved by major engine valve and fuel injector OEMs and Tier 1s.
ANKOR 1160 - High Speed plating on Engine Valves in Zero Discharge Reactor Cell

ANKOR 1160 is designed to plate micro-cracked Hard chrome coatings in closed, zero-discharge, high-speed plating equipment with current densities between 200A/dm² up to 1500A/dm².

The coatings are micro-cracked bright, provide high hardness of more than 900 HV0.1 and are low in friction, mainly needed in Hard Chromium Plating on in Automotive Shock Absorber Piston Rods, Engine Valves and Fuel Injector components.


ANKOR 1160 is approved and used by several automotive Tier 1s.


ANKOR Features and Benefits:

  • Meets OEM specifications
  • Excellent adhesion without anodic etching even on Nimonic and Inconel
  • Excellent thickness distribution and short cycle time
  • Chromium layers are bright, free of Nodules and Micro-porosity
  • Under High Speed Conditions, coating requires simple polishing step to enhance brightness
  • Excellent Application Knowledge Dedicated Global Hard Chrome Team
  • Six Sigma Methodologies


Zero Discharge Hard Chromium Plating

The industry is moving away from conventional “Open Tank Plating Systems” due to the increased emission regulation and higher workplace safety.

ANKOR GAMMAT is a zero discharge plating plant, designed to meet present and future regulations on Cr(VI). The chemistry remains in a closed system and plated pistons are cleaned properly from Cr(VI) residues. ANKOR GAMMAT is one of the safest plating plants in the world. The system can be integrated in any industrial environment and makes plant approval much more simple. ANKOR hard chromium process additives are designed as single component replenishment and can be used in all generations of equipment types, e.g. open tank and reactor cell plating.