Pump Rotors

ANKOR Hard Chrome Processes for oil and gas pump rotors, meet the demand for macro-crack free, wear and corrosion resistance.

This application requires a versatile Hard chrome process with good coverage in the minors, macro-crack free coating on the majors and good thickness distribution to reach the minimum thickness in the shortest possible plating time. 
Good activation and Nodule free plating even at high chrome thicknesses of 500µm or more reduces the plating time and post – grinding costs significantly.

Product Offering for Pump Rotors:

ANKOR 1127 Plus – Predictable Adhesion, Best Thickness Distribution, Highest Brightness

ANKOR 1127 PLUS special etch-free catalyst system provides predictable adhesion on basically all substrates, even Stainless Steel, Nickel-Alloys and Chrome. The productivity is increased versus competitor processes by minimum 5% due to the improved thickness distribution. 


The etch-free activation enables nodule-free and pore-free plating of high micro-cracked chrome deposits, which enhance NSS performance. Ankor 1127 PLUS is mainly used in Automotive, Job Shops, Oil and Gas and General Engineering applications.

ANKOR Features and Benefits:

  • Predictable adhesion
  • Six Sigma Methodologies
  • Excellent thickness distribution and short cycle time
  • Chromium layers are bright, free of nodules and macro – cracks
  • Excellent application knowledge dedicated global hard chrome team