MacDermid Enthone Automotive Films

Unique formable hardcoated plastic films, specifically made for use as car interior, cockpit and display surfaces. They are designed for film insert molding using the XtraForm process. These can be supplied with complementary texturing liquids, that give varied textures on the same part. These products offer a cost effective method of adding selective surface textures or antiglare and gloss finishes that harmonize interior décor. 

We offer unrivaled processing support using our XMAPP service which is designed to simplify product launch and guarantee long term quality.


What our products deliver for your Automotive interior landscape:

  • Protected surfaces – Our hardcoats create products that are chemical, wear and scratch resistant
  • High range of formability – Films are capable of forming to 50% of original thickness
  • Functional parts – Our films support in mold electronics (IME), capacitive switches, integrated displays and touchscreens
  • High quality finishes -  Improved haptic and easy clean functions
  • Ease of processing and cost effectiveness – Savings on tooling and assembly by integrating parts into one unit. Matt second surface for ease of handling
  • Technical assistance – Personalized support through XMAPP, from drawing assessment to production advice
  • Custom textures – The blendable range of Fototex 3D are designed to be screen printed over the hardcoat to give selective finishes
  • Meets automotive test standards – Our products meet a wide range of automotive test specifications




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Watch our broad range of printable 3D formable antiglare substrates.


XtraForm Films

Hardcoated films with gloss or antiglare finishes designed for use with the XtraForm process- a variant of film insert molding. Formable polycarbonate, polyester or PMMA films with exceptional optical, chemical and mechanical properties.

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XtraForm Liquids

Our UV curable, screen printable texturing liquids are designed to give you a range of matt textured finishes.

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XtraForm process

Film Insert Moulding with UV curing

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