XtraForm Films

MacDermid Enthone’s hardcoated films enable our applicators to produce high quality automotive parts. The XtraForm films have a wide range of finishes to harmonize and tailor cockpit interior design, functionality and decoration. Our XtraForm process, a variant of the Film Insert Molding (FIM) process, is bespoke to our XtraForm range which includes UV curing after the forming stage, delivering exceptional strength and durability to the processed part.

Our proprietary XtraForm process and surface technology bring attractive, durable scratch and chemical resistant components, delivering unrivaled performance.


XtraForm Gloss

XtraForm Gloss is a formable hardcoated high gloss finish film, on a polycarbonate base, designed for deep draw 3D Film Insert Molding (FIM) applications using the XtraForm process. XtraForm Gloss forms down to 50% of original thickness and can be used to produce parts with sharp radii (2 times films thickness). Matt base variants are best for automated handling.

It is ideal for surfaces requiring high temperature resistance and hard-wearing properties with glossy styling.

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XtraForm Antiglare

XtraForm Antiglare is a formable hardcoated textured film, on a polycarbonate base, designed for deep draw 3D Film Insert Molding(FIM) applications using the XtraForm process. This exciting technology allows images to be seen without the distraction of surface glare from bright lights or the reflections of moving objects. Our textured surfaces give high quality optics (an exceptional combination of gloss, clarity and haze) and haptic (feel). It is possible to have antiglare surfaces of 15 to 75 gloss units.

Ideal for dashboards and display units with high performance characteristics.

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The AutoForm range of hardcoated polycarbonate films can be flat or shallow formed. The product forms down to 90% of original thickness and is available in gloss and antiglare finishes. Parts produced include display and touch screen applications without the need of UV cure. They offer optimal cosmetic quality, high abrasion resistance, flexibility and excellent optical properties. It is available in sheet or roll formats for easy processing.
AutoForm can also be supplied on a polyester (PET) or Poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) base film.

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HiForm is a hardcoated polyester film designed for shallow formed applications. The product forms down to 80% of original thickness and has excellent scratch and chemical resistance properties. It does not need to be UV cured. The formability and abrasion resistance of the product is superior compared with conventional hardcoated polycarbonates.

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