Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires specialist heat transfer fluids for precise temperature control across cooling and heating phases.

Therminol® heat transfer fluids provide the necessary characteristics in a single fluid compared to dual systems such as steam/brine or steam/ glycol.

Pharmaceutical plants benefit from the long in-service use of Therminol® heat transfer fluids due to exceptional thermal stability.

MacDermid Enthone's experience shows that correct product selection is key to success, we have a long history within this market sector, recommending Therminol D-12, LT and VLT.

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For single fluid heating and cooling applications

Operational temperature range: -94o to 230oC (-137o to 450oF)

Specially developed for process cooling combined with moderate heating cycles, offering excellent heat transfer rates down to -45oC.

FDA grade product is NSF registered with HT-1 status. 



For single fluid heating and cooling applications

Operational temperature range -75o to 315oC (-103o to 600oF)

It can be used as a liquid cooling and heat transfer fluid or as a vapour phase process medium.

Combines exceptional heat transfer rates with low temperature pumpability down to -75oC.



For single fluid heating and cooling applications

Operational temperature range: -115o to 175oC (-175o to 350oF)

Specifically engineered for extremely low temperature operations.

Combines thermal stability with low temperature pumpability to -135oC.


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