Fluid analysis is essential for prolonged operational performance, reducing maintenance costs and preventing unscheduled system shutdowns.

MacDermid Enthone can arrange for the supply and collection of samples kits and provide guidance on the importance of correct procedures for taking representative samples.

We provide a fluid testing service for our customers as part of Eastmans' Total Lifecare program. Typically systems are tested on an annual basis to confirm fluid condition and recommend necessary actions. The standard analysis is included within our customer support program at no additional charge.




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With a wide range of heat transfer fluids available selecting the correct products is critical for successful operation. The right choice can be the difference between years of uninterrupted fluid performance or considerable service support to overcome poor system efficiency coupled with expensive re-fills.

MacDermid provide a variety of options to support this process, from technical seminars to on-site evaluations. Whether you are completing a FEED study or considering a conversion, our assistance is invaluable in making the right decision.


For customers draining down systems we can offer waste fluid handling services, fully compliant with licensing and environmental regulations.

Waste material can be removed by industrial tanker or in standard pack sizes, catering for the needs of our customer's on-site capabilities.


Training is very much part of a continuous process and as an experienced provider of heat transfer fluids we recognise the support we can offer our customers.

To complement the fluid selection and monitoring programs, we can assist during the system design stages and confirm details for correct start-up procedures.

Operational and Safety Awareness training are currently provided as part of Eastman TLC program.


MacDermid UK is located in Birmingham with our 9,000m2 facility comprising R&D, process demonstration, customer service laboratories, manufacturing departments and extensive warehousing. 

This enables us to meet the needs of our customers by developing, testing, servicing and supplying our products from one location.


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