MacDermid Enthone have supported manufacturers using synthetic and mineral oil based heat transfer systems and fluids for over 30 years. Our services include start-up assistance, fluid analysis, training and fluid maintenance.

As a distributor of Eastman Chemical Company for the Therminol range, MacDermid Enthone supply one of the market leading heat transfer fluids in the world.

More product details can be found in the technical guide, which is available on request.   Please click here to contact us.


Sweden.jpgMacDermid Enthone har levererat och servat tillverknings industrin som använder syntetiska och mineraloljebaserade värmeöverföringssystem och hetoljor i över 30 år. I våra tjänster inkluderas support vid uppstart, vätskeanalys, utbildning och underhålls support.

Som distributör av Eastman Chemicals Therminol produktprogram levererar MacDermid Enthone en av de ledande termiska oljorna i världen.

Low Temperature Range

Heat transfer fluids that can work across an exceptional temperature range of -115oC up to 315oC, without the need for secondary fluid requirements. Typically used for applications where a single fluid is required for extremely precise temperature control in both cooling and heating cycles.

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Medium Temperature Range

Heat transfer fluids operating from -56o to 290oC providing excellent thermal stability with the benefits of reduced capital, operations and maintenance costs.

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High Temperature Range

Heat transfer fluids operating from -49o to 345oC, providing excellent thermal stability with the benefits of reduced capital, operations and maintenance costs. The fluids are designed for use in non-pressurised or low pressure, indirect heating systems.

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Ultra-High Temperature Range

A group of specially developed products that can operate from -26 C to 400 C and have been engineered with exceptional thermal stability for demanding ultra-high temperature applications. Increased static pressure above 100 kPa (1 Bar) is required to maintain the liquid phase for high temperatures operations.

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Specialist Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol VP-3 provides excellent thermal stability when operated at maximum bulk temperatures up to 330 C in the liquid or vapour phase. This specially developed product allows vapour phase heat transfer at much lower temperatures than traditional Diphenyl oxide / biphenyl constituted products.

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System Cleaning

The flushing fluid is a key component of a low cost alternative to chemically cleaning a heat transfer system containing severely degraded or contaminated heat transfer fluid. Deposits from oxidized, thermally degraded or contaminated fluid can foul interior surfaces, making it necessary to clean prior to charging with new fluid.

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