download information is swedishSPECIALIST HEAT TRANSFER FLUID



Therminol VP-3 provides excellent thermal stability when operated at maximum bulk temperatures up to 330oC in the liquid or vapour phase. This specially developed product allows vapour phase heat transfer at much lower temperatures than traditional Diphenyl oxide / biphenyl constituted products.

Consideration should be given to the system design and handling of the product due to its crystallisation value of 2.4oC. Trace heating, heated storage units and low point draining should be discussed at the outset to ensure smooth operations.

  • Liquid density @ 20oC             933 kg/m3
  • Boiling point                             243oC
  • Crystallisation point                 2.4oC
  • Liquid viscosity cSt @ 4oC      5.04 mm2/s
  • Vapour Pressure @ 330oC     693 kPa

More product details can be found in the technical guide, which is available on request.  Please click here to contact us