Raw Film

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Films

Specialist hardcoated polyester and polycarbonate films which use unique UV curing technology to produce first surface coatings. Developed to be scratch, wear and chemical resistant, they are ideal for durability and cleanability for high touch applications.


The technology delivers surface texture features which have been designed to meet the haptic needs of touched surfaces with optic performance for display over-lamination and accurate color reproduction of second surface print. Perfect for any surface that you touch or look through and any surface that you touch and look through.


The range is further enhanced with specialist functional performance: antimicrobial and outdoor suitable coatings are available. Originally designed for the membrane touch switch overlay market the hardcoated films have a proven track record of delivering durable, touch (haptic) and see (optic) features to enhance the human machine interface (HMI) experience.


What our products deliver for your industrial film landscape:

  • Protected surfaces – Our hard coats create products that are scratch, wear, and chemical resistant
  • High quality finishes - Unique manufacturing process means the texture is unabrasive to touch and has accurate surface feature reproduction for haptic and optic consistency
  • Range of finishes - Range of textures for touch (haptic) and see (optic) applications
  • Enhanced functionality – Outdoor suitable and antimicrobial functionality available
  • Second surface printable – Ink primers for screen print and UV inkjet ink adhesion for protected graphics with accurate color
  • Flexibility – hardness with flexibility, our films are capable of embossing and flexing for 5 million switch actuations

Hardcoated Films

Heat-Stabilized Films

The Autostat film range consists of heat-stabilized polyester films with conductive ink adhesion treatment and high dimensional stability at elevated temperatures for use in printed electronics applications.

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