Primer Systems for Polyester Hardcoated Films

For the the most reliable print finish, ink adhesion and service life, MacDermid's polyester based versions of Autotex and Autoflex hardcoated films are available pre-primed. The primer is applied during manufacturing to ensure a consistent, ink-ready surface is available.

A primer to suit your print process

Four different primers are available, designed to suit your chosen print process.

0-Series Primer is our established general-purpose primer, suitable for many inks and print processes.

7-Series Primer offers improved ink adhesion for UV cured type inks. 7-Series is not recommended for new designs and projects and is scheduled to be withdrawn in the second half of 2022.

3-Series Primer is our market leading primer, tested and trialled* on the world's leading print systems, including UV curing digital processes.

DP Primer is optimized for HP Indigo print systems.

The chart below provides an overview of compatibility between primer systems and print processes.

For further details, please see the data and information in the 3-Series Primer datasheet below and contact us with questions or concerns.

* Always trial and test a print run before production.


Why 3-Series Primer?

3-Series has been developed for almost universal process application, demonstrating superior ink adhesion in solvent and UV cured inks and screen and digital print processes. For applications where durability and flexibility are key, MacDermid Autotex and Autoflex hardcoated films with 3-Series primer are strongly recommended.


One hardcoated polyester film type for multiple print processes

  • Solvent based, oven cured inks.
  • UV cured inks
  • Screen and Digital Print


For details and availability, please download the datasheet:



Information and Advice

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of hardcoated films based upon a strong and consistent record of technology innovation.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would just like to know more about our range of films and primers then please contact either your local representative or get in touch using the form below.



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