XMAPP Performance Levels

Unrivaled consistency

XMAPP is a cost-effective program that helps automotive engineers to select the right applicator for their needs.


The XMAPP performance levels depend on:

  • The complexity of automotive parts
  • OEM or Tier 1's quality requirements
  • Film Insert Molding Equipment




XMAPP standard level table

Standard Forming UV Curing Molding Quality control Contamination prevention

Level 1

No requirement

No requirement

1K molding No requirement No requirement
Level 2

Medium pressure

(10 bars)

UV curing with H lamp 1K molding Control template for registration* No requirement
Level 3

High pressure

(80 bars)

UV curing with H lamp

2K molding Offline registration* (QC measurement system) Enclosure molding
Level 4

- High pressure

(80 bars)

- Heater element is individually and independently controllable

- Infrared camera

UV curing with H lamp

2K molding Production registration* control (100% verification)

-Enclosure molding with positive pressure and HEPA filter in molding

- In line cleaning during molding process



Registration*: Printed motif accuracy position