ZinKlad 96 is a hexavalent chromium-free coating system that will meet today's industry demands for high performance surface treatments. It is a versatile coating which finds use as either a corrosion resistant ‘chromium like’ decorative finish or to provide substrate protection under an organic paint coating.

ZinKlad 96 is specified by global automotive manufacturers including Ford, GM and VW-Audi and meets the requirements of Japanese Automotive Industry. For example; Toyota TSH-6524G and Nissan M4040 specifications.

The zinc deposits are applied from our range of Envirozin and Kenlevel processes. The coating is completed with the application of a trivalent passivate from the TriPass ELV range. Either a high build trivalent passivate films (with no topcoat) or a low build trivalent passivate film (with a topcoat) is applied. The choice will depend on the automotive requirement. The finish is either a blue or silver-iridescent color.

Advantages of ZinKlad 96


  • Good Resistance to Corrosion Products
  • Exceptional Adhesion for Organic Coatings
  • Choice of Friction Modifiers
  • Global Availability
Thickness First White Rust First Red Rust
8 Microns 72 Hours 240 Hours