ZinKlad 250 was one of the first hexavalent chromium-free coatings to be adopted by global automotive manufacturers.

Introduced at the beginning of the new millennium, it continues to deliver excellent corrosion resistance and consistent performance.

Specified by global automotive manufacturers including Ford, GM and VW-Audi, today there are more than 50 application lines around the world.

ZinKlad 250 can be applied to all steel components requiring sacrificial protection.

Its primary use is to satisfy fastener engineers’ need for a reliable and cost effective coating with a consistent coefficient of friction.

Advantages of ZinKlad 250


  • Production Proven for More than 10 Years
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Consistent Performance
  • Extensively Specified
  • Global Availability
Thickness First White Rust First Red Rust
8 Microns 120 Hours 384 Hours

"part geometry, substrate quality and post plate handling can have an effect on finish performance"