ZinKlad Brake are high performance finishes for protecting for cast iron brake calipers.These brake fluid compatible coatings are free of hexavalent chromium and cobalt.

2 levels of performance are offered, ZinKlad Brake 240 and ZinKlad Brake 1000. Both coatings are fully compliant with both ELV and REACH regulations.

  • Compatible with Brake Fluid
  • Hexavalent Chromium and Cobalt-Free Coating
  • Consistent Performance
  • Low Total FilmThickness
  • Global Availability

ZinKlad Brake coatings are designed as a ‘drop in’ process suitable for most zinc or zinc-nickel electroplating lines.The special inorganic topcoat, HydroKlad SI is unlubricated, making it compatible with brake fluid. HydroKlad SI also has the advantage of drying without drip marks or staining and providing protection even after post-plate deformation.


Performance Level First White Corrosion First Red Corrosion
ZinKlad Brake 240 120 hours 480 hours
ZinKlad Brake 1000 240 hours 1200 hours