ZinKlad....Specification Driven

ZinKlad™ Family Specification Zinc Passivate Top Coat
ZinKlad 10001 B15 4102 C (Silver) Enviralloy Ni 12-15 TriPass ELV 3000 TNT 153,4
ZinKlad 10001 B2 B15 4102 C (Black)  Enviralloy Ni 12-15 TriPass ELV 5100 TNT 154
  1. Only the platers who have received the ZAP (ZinKlad Approved Plater) approval may apply the MacDermid products on parts intended for PSA. ZinKlad is the global quality assurance system from MacDermid for the application of hexavalent chromium free coatings which conform to the ELV directive.
  2. Black finishes frequently become opaque during the first 72 hrs of NSS testing, however this is not typical 'white corrosion'. No further deterioration usually takes place untill 'true' white corrosion begins to develop at around 300hrs or greater.
  3. 2 coatings are required.
  4. Coefficient of friction is measured by test method C10 0054.